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CCW: The United States Concealed Carry Association's four hour concealed carry course covers not only deadly force, but attitudes and practices for being safe at home, work, school and traveling. There’s a practical safety component and a coffee table quality Student Handbook on CCW, Home Defense and Basic Pistol. You must also demonstrate the four fundamental rules of firearms safety, and load and unload a double action revolver and semi auto pistol, which will be provided with dummy rounds.  This non-live fire course will focus on the legal, practical and moral questions regarding how, when and why to carry a weapon and use deadly force. Post shooting actions and the importance of legal defense will be discussed. Situational awareness is covered, along with a defensive plan for the home and in areas where you are prohibited from being legally armed.  "Disarmed does not mean Defenseless! A signed certificate will qualify you to apply for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit.  Turnaround is 21 days.  * Recent classes have included current CCW Holders who qualified with their Hunters Safety Card or Military Discharge Certificate (DD214), who want to expand their legal knowledge base in  going armed and use of deadly force.  $65 per student, $100 per married couple.

Basic Defensive Handgun:  8 hours.  This is the logical next step after the CCW certification course.  Development of the draw, basic marksmanship, gun handling and range safety, followed by movement, cover vs concealment, malfunction drills, reloads, and 0-25 meter shooting. Trainees will need a semi-automatic handgun, two magazines and suitable holster, plus a minimum of 300 rounds of FMJ ammunition, as well as eye and ear protection. Trainees will take a Wisconsin DOJ practical handgun shooting test and receive a certificate. $200/student

Basic AR-15:  8 hours. The rifle equivalent of the basic handgun course, covering an introduction to the AR weapon system.  Parts and function of the weapon, basic gun handling and maintenance, zeroing, marksmanship and reloads, malfunction drills. Trainees will need an AR type rifle, sling, and three 30 round magazines, plus up to 250 rounds of .223 / 5.56 FMJ ammo, as well as eye and ear protection. Trainees will take a Wisconsin DOJ practical rifle shooting test and receive a certificate.  $200/ Student

 Introduction to Force on Force:  2 hours: This course, involves use of airsoft pistols to run through scenarios to determine whether techniques and equipment developed at the range translate to an actual gunfight with a training partner.  Completion of the basic handgun course is required.  Airsoft guns and safety equipment are provided, but approved personal equipment is encouraged. $50/per student.

 SAFETY IN A GUN FREE ZONE: Classroom and Workplace Safety and Security:  This two-hour presentation is an introduction to the concept of training to survive in a world that contains violence, just as most of us of have been taught to swim in a world that contains water.  Material includes Lt Col David Grossmans "Five D's" in preventing and responding to violence, UW-Madison's "Four Outs" in surviving an active shooting incident, and assembling a kit containing items needed to survive a lock-down or injury during an active shooting crisis.  Disarmed (gun free zones) does not mean defenseless! $20 PER PERSON, STUDENT AND TEACHER DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

 Christian Warriors: 2 hours on what the Bible has to say about the use of righteous violence as part of the development of a church security program.  Includes discussion of selection and training of church ushers as "sheepdogs". $100 flat rate

 Advanced Courses which build on the above are being developed, including rifle/pistol operation, use of a Blow Out Kit and stabilizing gunshot wounds, two person fire and movement, low light shooting, room clearing, and continued force on force scenario-based training.